Personalized Medicine is nil in third world countries- Physicians as Drug Stores

30/08/2015 19:31

Medicines that are badly needed  could not be procured in drug stores because they need prescriptions from physicians. That's correct.   Unfortunately, these drugs could not be bought as expected due to lack of money  therefore these are not in the level of personalized medicine care for patients. Drugstores couldnot bargain prices for them or allow them to be at debt with them. Therefore I would suggest for Personalized medicine to be at fruition in third world countries, that Physicians must be given full authority to sell/dispense  emergency drugs or urgent drugs e.g. antibiotics etc. while prescribing them. At least patients have names listed in the physician's records and  patients could eventually return the next day/week to buy these medicines if they have the money to buy them in the physician's office compared if one goes to a drug store where it needs a new prescription considering that the medicines were not bought at that particular date. Drug stores are not practising Personalized Medicine but just an apothecary of all sorts. They could not refer a patient to a government agency, if there is, that could give them free medicines because they are just dummies of the physicians. With the medicine at hand in the physician's office and the physician's guidance- Personalized Medicine is now enacted. Physicians would have to do further more than just consultations to actuate personalized medicine. Future Physicians with post graduate courses in Pharmaceutical Sciences are a must to fully satisy the science and philosophy of Personalized Medicine. In the USA, the Medical Technologist has been elevated to a Clinical Laboratory Scientist then what about the drug store staff?  Is there a scientist in action or just good in reading prescriptions and selling drugs? Are they licensed even as assistants? Unless a pharmacist who produces new drugs in the molecular level and that molecular drug has passed outstandingly human clinical trials, then we can call that person a scientist otherwise it is not. The CNA or experienced caregivers as well as specialized nurses have important roles in personalized medicine network than these drug store keepers whose network participation for they assume such role in medical care in this process is more than disturbing and off tangent [for they don't have a full idea of the patient's history and are not directly clinically associating with patients in the presence of attending physicians compared to nurses etc.]  and must be phased out of the personalized medicine circuit.