Announcement from ISCSPM

15/01/2014 21:46
Official Call for the International Staffing of officers, regional, country representatives and members of ISCSPM. Please use ISCSPM's email address for your inquiry and interest. Spread the word.
An  OMICS (OMICS stand for studies/techniques known as metabolomics, genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, glycomics, transcriptomics, metabonomics, toxicogenomics, nutrigenomics  among others otherwise known as omics based Personalized Medicineexpresses interest for an affiliation with ISCSPM.
 Once an  affiliate of ISCSPM, OMICS  will provide the following to ISCSPM: 

-media visibility of ISCSPM, its services and events

-ISCSPM members can publish their manuscripts in OMICs Open Access Journals

-OMICS will provide special waiver on the article processing charges to all ISCSPM members

-ISCSPM can publish its event proceedings and achievements in the Journal

-ISCSPM can put forward the name of its members to join the Editorial Board

-Awards will be conferred to the young scientists for their valuable contribution to ISCSPM in  various research fields

 - ISCSPM  members can publish their eBooks with OMICS without any cost

 - OMICS will organize meetings, workshops, seminar and conference for ISCSPM.

 - ISCSPM  members are invited to attend OMICS conferences. Special discounts and group discounts would be provided to Society members. Full waiver to the Executive Board members to attend the conference. OMICS  is organizing around 80 international conferences per year in USA, Europe, China and India

 Other Benefits:

-ISCSPM  can avail Association management services, website management, content sourcing and services of OMICS  at a discounted price.

 Cost Involvement:

There would not be any extra cost involvement for ISCSPM and its members in this cooperation