Molecular Drug(s) of the Year

  Discoveries of Drugs that are produced basing on the intricate and accurate (and specific) molecular and cellular processes/designs that will lead to the prevention or cure of such outstanding common or rare  diseases(s). This will also include drugs of pharmacogenomics/genetics value.

Two awards are proposed here:

Molecular Drug(s) of the Year**

Molecular Candidate(s) for Drug of the Year*


   *Molecular Candidate (s) for Drug of the Year are published discoveries of  synthesized non- biological molecules that are excellent candidates for future drugs or have drug- like mechanisms or functions such as antibiotics, etc.

   ** Molecular Drug(s) of the Year- are drugs commonly/rarely used that are considered excellently remarkable of how it was molecularly tailored in such a way that the biochemical mechanisms that it produce specifically can prevent or stop  human diseases that are rare and difficult to control such as cancer, hypertension etc. without undesirable side effects.                                                       


   Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacovigilance groups among others are welcome to nominate.