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ISCSPM or the International Society for Collaborating Scientists in Personalized Medicine is an international organization for professionals who are specializing or posses great enthusiasm in the area of personalized medicine.They must be excellent in the field of medical genetics, epigenetics, in molecular and cell biology and biotechnology and in specific advanced sciences such as metabolomics, genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, glycomics, transcriptomics, metabonomics, toxicogenomics, nutrigenomics  among others otherwise known as the omics based personalized healthcare. Other specialists' fields such as bioinformatics, computational biology, systems biology, phamacogenetics, etc. are important  interdisciplinary fields to personalized medicine. Methodologies and molecular materials such as  high throughput screening, micro- arrays, micro RNA, siRNA,  gene expression regulation, biomarkers, gene annotation, etc. have important contributory functions in personalized medicine. These various sciences, methodologies and materials will help treat the patient as what is being stated by so many as an "individual -precisely direct to the point" type of treatment. The officers of this organization include the President, Executive Secretary and the Treasurer. There will be members of the Executive Board of Directors as well as probably an Advisory Board.  ISCSPM is now open for scientific membership throughout the world.

  Recently, the United States Congress comes up with the definition of  personalized medicine as "the application of genomic and molecular data to better target the delivery of health care, facilitate the discovery and clinical testing of new products, and help determine a person's predisposition to a particular disease or condition." (Ref:www.aaas.org/spp/PM/ppts/Sox.ppt) 


   05/11/2011~~ Personalized Medicine is Personalized Medicine per se. Not a group type of medical care strategy. It involves specific individual medical attention. Personalized Medicine is not Generalized medicine. Personalized Medicine analyses  will be undertaken to focus to a specific individualized  prevention and cure. Let's move forward towards a personalized type of medical care thus Personalized Medicine.

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